Hello World! – Welcome to PowerShellMasters.com

Hello World! – Welcome to PowerShellMasters.com


I have and ambitious goal:  To provide I.T. people the most accurate, easy to understand, and well formatted PowerShell info from myself and others around the web.  We will be covering topics from beginner to advanced, from Exchange, SQL, System Center, Hyper-V, Windows Server, VMware and a lot more.  Each of us has our specialties so I will be counting on others, as well as my own, mastery of PowerShell to help create all kinds of PowerShell information.

What you normally see:

If you have been using PowerShell for a while now then you know how tough it can be to find this kind of information all in one place.  It’s easy enough to find one of these, but this is what you usually get…

Accurate, but tough to read or hard to follow

Easy to understand, but full of mistakes and looks cobbled together;

Looks pretty, but well…you get the point.

My goal is that if you get a piece of information from this site that it will be all three.


Our Goals:


Accuracy is first for a reason.  A posting can be as clear and easy to read as you want, but if it is full of errors or just flat out wrong then it does NO ONE any good.  I want all of the posts on PowerShell Masters to 100% accurate whether it’s my code or someone else’s.  I promise that if it makes it on this site, then you can count on it working for you.

Easy to understand:

Ideally I would write every single post myself, but in order to deliver the most quality content available I’ll need to rely on contributions from other PowerShell Gurus.  What I can promise is that even the most technical postings will have a clear goal and will use “normal” English.

Well Formatted:

There is a little bit of an art to writing well formatted scripts.  No one can say exactly how “pretty coding” should look, but almost all of us know what ugly coding looks like.  My goal is that whether you cut and paste from our posts or download code from our Script Repository that it will be formatted so that you can use it right away.


That’s really it for now.  I’m sure that this will be a work in progress for some time and I would love to get some feedback.  Your opinions will help determine what kind of PowerShell questions we tackle here on PowerShell Masters.  Make sure you sign up for our news letter, leave a comment below,  and keep an eye out for our first “real” posting!



Matt Laird